New York Moment

by Isaac Oliver

(ISAAC is on the subway heading to work. At 125th Street a YOUNG WOMAN gets on the train, listening to her headphones and moving her head to the music. She’s smiling. She’s basically the worst sight first thing in the morning, and she sits right next to ISAAC. After a moment the WOMAN across from them leans forward and speaks to the YOUNG WOMAN.)

WOMAN: You look like you’re in a good mood.
WOMAN: (gesturing to the young woman’s earbuds) You –
YOUNG WOMAN: (removing her earbuds) What?
WOMAN: You look like you’re in a great mood.
YOUNG WOMAN: I am. I’m so happy. I woke up in the best mood.
WOMAN: I thought it might be what you’re listening to.
WOMAN: What are you listening to?
YOUNG WOMAN: Oh — Paul Simon, “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.”
WOMAN: That’s a good song.
YOUNG WOMAN: (reading from her iPod) Paul Simon.
YOUNG WOMAN: (offering an earbud across the way) Here — listen to it.
WOMAN: No, thanks, I know it.
YOUNG WOMAN: It’s old.
YOUNG WOMAN: I like to have a little bourbon when I listen to it.
WOMAN: (leaning back) Ah, yes.
YOUNG WOMAN: But not today, it’s too early. Just a little puff-puff.

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